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Delicious and bursting with plant power, Provamel’s range of plant-based dairy alternatives are made from a tasty selection of natural & organic ingredients. We work with passion & energy to produce great tasting products from plant-based ingredients such as Soya, Rice, Almond and Oat. So whether you are looking for a nutritious breakfast or an indulgent dessert our products allow you to enjoy all the benefits of plant goodness in a healthy & tasty way. And in the process you’ll be adopting a diet that’s both sustainable and planet friendly too.

Because all our drinks, desserts, yogurts and cream alternatives are 100% plant-based they can even be enjoyed as part of a:

  • Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyle
  • Lactose-free diet
  • A diet without cow's milk protein

To explore our tasty range of plant-based products why not use our handy search function to select the perfect product for both your needs and tastes. Alternatively you could just try each and every one of them.