At Provamel we strongely believe in the importance of sustainable development. In fact it is one of our core values. This means that we try to use environmentally friendly packaging materials wherever possible. For example all Provamel drink cartons are made from 100% renewable & recylcable Tetra Pak® material. 

Tetra Pak®

We use Tetra Pak® packaging across all of our Provamel drinks range.Tetra Pak® has the lowest carbon footprint of all beverage cartons. It is made from 100% sustainable wood fibres from managed forests, which are continually replanted when trees are felled so that the natural balance of nature is disturbed as little as possible.

Not only are Tetra Pak® cartons made from 100% sustainable materials but they can also be recycled at most recycling points across the UK. 


All Provamel paper-based drink packaging now carries the FSC label. This means that the material used within the packaging came from a responsibilty managed forest.