Our planet

Provamel aims to provide environmentally and ethically responsible food which is produced with the greatest respect for both people and the environment. We believe that this is good for our planet, because:

  • it allows us to create a better balance between people and the planet. We can limit our impact on the environment by not interfering with nature:
    • we do not use pesticides or artificial fertilisers
    • we stimulate biodiversity
    • we respect the environment (e.g. we do not grow soya in the rainforest)
  • organically farmed produce has more flavour
  • organic ensures that our production is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Our promotion of plant-based nutrition also contributes towards the welfare of the planet.

  • Less CO2 is released during production of plant-based food, so that our ecological footprint can be limited.
    • Beef production results in ten times more CO2 being released than production of tofu, a soya-based product.
    • A glass of cow's milk leads to five times more CO2 emissions than a glass of soya drink.
  • Soya products are a very efficient way to get your daily dose of protein. You can give a cow a day off, and the planet will give a sigh of relief too.